A very emotional and painful story of divorce


To any kids, including adult children, who have gone through their parents’ (or their own) divorce, this film touches , and could rekindle, extremely hurtful moments and memories. Divorce, particularly when children are involved, is surely one of the greatest tragedies that people can go through, even when it happens for all the “right” reasons. This film takes the subject on through brilliant writing and directing, and truly memorable and profound acting, which makes the movie a rare piece of film work, but also carries the risk of forcing people to either relive some of their most painful memories, or (for younger children especially) see the possibilities of marital disaster that they probably shouldn’t be (and certainly don’t need to be) exposed to before they have more knowledge and experience of life under their belts. It’s a tough journey, but a thought-provoking film.

Fr. Dan My parents were divorced and it was like this.  The film does give us insights into the people involved in a divorce but it would have been a better movie if it gave us a little more hope. I give it 3 blessings.
Fr. Martin Difficult to see a couple very similar to the the ones I counsel. The writers give them a better chance in this film than in past divorce films and I respect them for doing so.  I give it 4 blessings

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